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When design and name come together, their interplay should create a magic that attracts one’s entire attention. Successful branding captures the identity of your company and helps you to put it in text and visuals. A good design does not only look great but also brings you closer to your goal. Only when it is clear who you are you can communicate easily and purposefully so as to reach potential customers and to perform successfully on the market.

In the beginning was the word

Before juggling with different fonts and colours to create your perfect logo, we request you to pause for a moment. All what counts at the very beginning are words (but not the empty ones!). First and foremost, we sit down together to work out the identity of your business. You will start to realize who you are and what you want. How do we do that? By request we do not only support you in matters of design, we also find the best name for your project and we help and advice in matters of internal and external communication – whether in Saarbrücken or anywhere else in the Greater Region.

Your design

You have had your logo for a couple of years but now it no longer feels about right? You need a renewing but are afraid of confusing your customer base? Because we are aware of these problems, it is all the more important for us to understand what characterizes the identity of your brand.We will find out what leads to customers trust and loyality and, on this basis, enable you to still satisfy them. We do not want to force you into certain trends or schemes but a branding that comes from the whole of your heart and suits you best.