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Marketing starts with clear objectives. It’s not the agencys aim to address everyone and we also do not recommend it to you as our client. Addressing the general public is not appealing to the individual recipient because it fails to convey a tangible impression. We link the marketing strategy of your company with your target group, so that there is no doubt about who is being adressed with your product. May the active exchange between you and your customer begin!

Good marketing needs substance

The times when some gimmicky words have brought quick success are over. The rise of social networks has had a democratizing effect on the media and people have become more suspicious of empty promises. Instead of naïve admiration, nowadays people are more likely to either ignore publicity or vent their indignation about it by unleashing a so called shit storm.

Well-considered marketing therefore requires sound content that imparts information and builds emotions at the same time. Customers want to broaden their horizon and participate in the lifestyle symbolized by the product they just bought. We develop an appropriate content marketing strategy for you and help you with the implementation – in analogue or digital form.

Making use of regional differences

Project Piñata is based in Saarbrücken and is thus at home in the heart of the Greater Region. We know the region well, speak its languages and have knowledge of the existing differences between the member countries. What sells like hotcakes during events in Luxembourg, for instance, might require adjustment when targeting Saarland or Rheinland- Pfalz. We see those differences as a great opportunity when it comes to strengthen your offer locally and expand regionally.