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We all know them! The world’s greatest stories from Thousand And One Nights, the classics from preschool such as Little Red Riding Hood and The Ugly Duckling. Yet, what do they have in common? And what is the use of these stories for you and your corporate communications?

Content marketing is on everyone’s lips – and quite rightly. People respond much more positively to narrative contents than to dull sales messages. Other than sales messages, stories accept a person’s freedom of choice and offer an emotional added value. Within the scope of this workshop, the participants develop a sense for what constitutes a good story. The next step is to transfer these principles onto their own product, so they can devise a media specific storytelling around it. Finally, we deal with questions of implementation and go further into the question how public relations can profit from content marketing.

Course instructor: Christine Thull

Content marketing is a practice-oriented and work-intensive topic, which is perfectly suited for individual coaching. You want to impove your company communications with a view to content marketing? We’d be happy to work out the right strategy for you and give constructive feedback in short weekly sessions. The introductory session is free, so just contact us!