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In accordance with the slogan „Competition is good for business“, you have to be aware that you’re not the exclusive supplier for a good or service. Therefore it is of great importance for you to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Based on this, the workshop asks the question: who am I? By means of practice-oriented exercises the participants outline a system of values with regards to their business idea and subsequently transfer it to design and marketing as well as costumer and co-worker communication. Together we work on brand positioning and brand promise. In this context, the corporate identity constitutes a link. It identifies the company from inside and creates an unshakable outward appearance. That generates confidence in your co-workers and leaves your potential customers with a good impression.

Course instructor: Karina Hartwahn, Christine Thull

Amount of sessions: 8 hours

You want to acquaint your co-workers and visitors of your conference with the topic slowly? No problem! The topic is ideally suited for short presentations, which are to set out stimulate discussion among the participants. In a get-together we will find out what aspect of corporate identity is particularly relevant for you.