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Projekt Pinata – are 2 business executives with a clear agenda to follow long-term goals. Projekt Pinata – are also 6 freelance collaborators putting in blood, sweat and tears to support every project. This constellation has since proven itself and makes the cooperation in this team unique.


One transforms pictures into beautiful creations, the other rearranges words into colourful sentences. When Karina and Christine work together, image and text become an inseparable unit – a foundation of every strategy. What binds them together: a deep friendship and the most common denominator you could imagine. As business executives and founders of Projekt Pinata, Karina and Christine will be your contact persons.

Freelancer and secret agents

It was clear from the start: To implement the vision of a holistic communication for the Greater Region it requires expert support. With Mats and François two creative spiritual brothers were quickly found, soon to be backed by LemmesAgent J and Pusha P – underground fighters in service of Pinata. Whether in uniform or undercover, whether with cap or covered face: each one of them makes an irreplaceable contribution to Projekt Pinata.